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Nick Fury showed up in time and was greeted by Captain, he's always cute to me. Captain's words are impressing and the new headquater of Avengers at the ending would be explained in Ant-Man. Without doubt Tony isn't an economical and nostalgia guy, there probably is something inside the warehouse of his dad so they built the new one. Our hilarious Ant-Man had a funny fight with Falcon.
尼克·弗瑞在片尾被最注意文明用语的美队情不自禁地亲切问候了母亲,我觉得他总是萌萌的,也是奇怪的萌点吧。美队那句“I'm home”很让人动容,而他脚下的新基地也在《蚁人》中再次呼应,并交代了来历。托尼·斯塔克没太深的怀旧情结,更不可能是个节俭的人,所以把新基地建在他老爸的旧仓库这里,肯定还是有点什么猫腻。猎鹰和我们新任的逗逼蚁人在这里有了场搞笑的对决。

幸运飞艇pk10计划软件下载,The opening of Ant-Man is impressed as well. 75-year-old Michael Douglas is also astonished by the technology about his face fix-up. His performance is wonderful as before. An old saying, forgot where I heard from, the difficulty of a case is not too absurd but too normal. Ant-Man made it more or less. We can easily find who the bad guy is at the beginning, and still look forward to the development of plot. Be same with the Guardian of Galaxy, the precious part of this one is funny. We are amazed by the micro world meanwhile amused by the unlucky character. His idiotic brothers and the significative dealing with the size of Ant-Man brought up plenty of laugh. The design that their fighting woke up the iPhone with siri, so imaginative, come one, this advertising isn't annoying at all.
I love a small detail about his daughter very much. She's the only reason he made so much effort and she's worth it. What moved me is the way her mother educated her. When she heard some prejudiced words about her father, she asked her mother whether that's true or not. Although her mother married another man, she told her your father is a good man, he's just confused sometimes.


The biggest surprise of this movie is Scarlet Witch, the actress, of course, a winner, both recognition and fame. She seemed to date Tom Hiddleston who acts Loki. Elizebeth Olsen is definitely a gorgeous girl, no matter she come along with make-up or not. Although she lost her love, she joined Avengers formally and she would fall in love with Vision subsquently based on the books. We'll see.

As one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, actually personally I prefer to cut this limit, 2015 is a busy year. New series of comic books have been publishing, several blockbusters came up, related TV series carried on, however, Ultron and Ant-Man are the core work, I believe. And the result is, they successfully completed the Stage 2. Particularly Ant-Man made up the lack of perfection of Ultron.
Frankly speaking, I don't agree with the point that Ultron is a failure. After all so many characters assembled that really test the power of control. Based on the original comic books, Ultron is actually created by Hank, what a coincidence! The opening is tightly connected with the post-credits scene of Winter Soldier, a typical Avengers battle, Iron Man's ego, Hulk's lullaby and Captain's language, still got something new, huh? The problem is Strucker is too weak, just like Grand Ward claimed in Agents of S.H.I.E.D, he died for nothing.
其实,我倒不觉得妇联2 是失败的作品。毕竟那么多的角色要集中在一部电影里,井喷一般令人眼花缭海,真的很考验掌控能力。实际上,根据原著漫画的设定,奥创其实正是老蚁人皮姆·汉克创造的,真是巧了。妇联2 的开头紧紧联系《美国队长2》的彩蛋,一场典型的复仇者战役,很燃。钢铁侠的自大一如既往,美队的文明用语梗,绿巨人的催眠曲,还是有点新鲜玩意的嘛!唯一的缺憾是斯特拉克男爵,铺了那么久的九头蛇老魔头,就这么挂了?还真像《神盾局特工》里的沃德嘲笑的一样,他貌似被自己守旧的观念害得死不得其所。

Ant-Man also owed the success to the good prepartion, the poster, the virus video and the interesting propaganda played hard-to-get. The double post-credits scene left words for the sequel and Civic War.

Besides above, the foreshadowing and twisting are also good. During the vision of each member, we tasted a little of Stage 3 including Civic War and Ragnarok. And they precisely takes care about Hawkeye's part cause he's suffered from the same one before. When Veronica fought against Hulk, the whole land cried, moreover, there's a tribute to Baymax.